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SEO for Janitorial Services: There are several ways to address the SEO challenges of your janitorial website. You can hire an SEO specialist to conduct the keyword research for your website, submit it to you, and then you can write additional and/or improved content. The other option is to have an SEO expert conduct the keyword research?and?create the content for your website. If you do choose to write the website content yourself, we highly recommend that you have your SEO specialist read it and recommend revisions before you publish it on your site.

Keyword research on the terms being used to find janitorial and commercial cleaners, indicate that in the United States more than?a million searches?were conducted in the month of March, 2012 on:?janitorial services, commercial cleaning, office cleaning,?and?floor cleaning.?If you have a business in the janitorial sector, you must have wondered at some point why you are not generating more leads from your website. With Local Map Co, we can help you accomplish your business dreams our top quality SEO.

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