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Since 2016, we have helped hundreds of local brands connect with potential customers in their community. We’ve helped start up brands strategically deploy budget friendly marketing tactics to out maneuver dominant brands. We’ve also helped established brands perfect their message online.  

We Research Your Market

At Local Map Co., we begin each new customer engagement with a detailed market research campaign. Market research helps our company identify key variables that will either help or hinder our potential success with a new campaign. 

We Analyze Your Competition

At Local Map Co., we identify who the primary competition is, what they’re doing, and how to beat them. We leverage high end software and data analytics to reverse engineer your competitors online strategies. 

We Identify Your Ideal Customer

At Local Map Co., we believe that building your message requires knowledge of who you are speaking to. We identify your ideal customer in order that we may craft a compelling message that will nudge them to buy.

We Develop A Winning Strategy

At Local Map Co., before we begin our campaign, we are equipped with knowledge of your market, knowledge of your competition, and knowledge of your ideal customer. With that knowledge, we are able to implement and execute a winning marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Services
We Increase Your:

Responsive Web Design

We build websites that are modern, conversion ready, SEO ready, and responsive. We make sure that your web viewers have an intuitive browsing experience regardless of which device they use to arrive on your site. 

Search Engine Optimization

Our approach to SEO is strategic and effective. We understand the landscape of tools available to our firm and have cultivated strategic relationships throughout the years with vendors all over the world. Our goal is to be the best SEO agency by ensuring that our clients get the best results. 

The owners of Revived Aesthetics contacted us after working with a larger agency who produced little results. We helped them achieve #1 rankings for their primary keyword and substantially improved their discovery searches. 

Wiz Team Inc. serves the greater Chicagoland area and provides high end cleaning and restoration services. We helped them identify and craft messages capable of converting high end consumers. After ranking number #1 for their primary keyword, this company has expanded to multiple service areas and teams.

A longtime family owned business that has been passed down to each new generation, requested our services to help modernize their business. We created a detailed marketing strategy which also helped them identify new business within their most profitable service area. We helped them identify where their golden 20% was searching online. 

As a solo practitioner in a highly competitive market, Baskin needed a strategy that was both budget friendly yet effective. We were able to create a strategy that helped drive new customers around the massive marketing machine of marketing juggernauts directly to our customer. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Let us help you with your pay per click advertising. We are able to set up, optimize, and/or improve your current paid advertising campaigns. We utilize paid ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other sources requested by our clients, including OTT ads as well as Geotargeted display campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Our team of social media experts help clients identify successful social media marketing tactics. We help our clients overhaul their entire social media footprint to establish a consistent brand identity across all platforms. From social media ads to social media assets, we are able to help with all things social.


A great companion tool for our traffic generating tactics is the implementation of retargeting programs. Our team will craft a retargeting message, identify distribution channels, and set bidding prices that are capable of converting previous web visitors into real leads.

Live Chat Management

Engage your potential customers during the timeframe in which they are at the peak of their interest in your services. The ability to provide real-time communication to your clients substantially improves your ability to convert web visitors into clients. We provide real time chat services for our clients.


Reputation Management

Investing in your online reputation is critical to ensuring consistent online conversions. Web searchers increasingly rely on reviews as a method of validating your businesses credibility. We can help you solicit new reviews, manage negative reviews, and protect your brand wherever it may appear online.


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Free Marketing Audit

Your complimentary marketing audit will be completed by a real human with access to our suite of marketing tools. This marketing audit is free and can be used to help you improve your online presence. We look forward to helping you on your journey to local domination.

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